Creating a workspace that promotes productivity yet encourages teamwork is the most important element of fitting out an office. Therefore, carefully planning your office layout and using correct partitioning and fit-for purpose furniture is essential.

CCI Interiors has an extensive range of office space solutions to suit every business needs.

Open-plan workplaces, while fostering interaction can often be noisy and cause disruptions to workflow, so having partitions in the appropriate places is important to minimise these issues.   Utilising suitable solutions to divide sections and create separate workspaces within your open-plan office can make any office feel more welcoming and encourage staff efficiency.

CCI Interiors offers workspace evaluation and works closely with our clients to create the correct screen or partitioning requirements for their business.

Our systems all offer flexibility and are custom built to accommodate exact requirements.

CCI Interiors manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of quality executive furniture to reflect your corporate image and suit ergonomic requirements.

Our qualified tradespeople produce cabinets of the highest quality, including custom built reception counters and boardroom suites.  They can also construct workstations to suit all budgets and styles and can accommodate all sizes and configurations to meet the working demands of your business.

We can source any type of furniture required including desks, chairs, cupboards and storage facilities and can work within any budget.  If your business has specific furniture needs, we can source suitable options to enable you to choose what will be the best fit.

CCI Interiors prides itself on offering its clients the highest quality furniture, either by sourcing it from our trusted suppliers or building custom solutions in-house.  Our team has spent many years researching and choosing the best quality solutions for our customers to ensure every fit-out is long lasting and of the highest standard possible.

Contact our professional team today to discuss how we can assist with your upcoming project needs.