CCI Interiors are the only company in Western Australia who utilises Snap-Tex, which is the original quality product that was patented and is manufactured in the United States.

Snap-Tex is a specialised hinge that holds fabric, insulation and panels in place to ensure optimal acoustic performance in spaces requiring special ambience, such as board rooms or theatres.

The Snap-Tex stretched fabric mounting system uses an industry leading design that eliminates the occurrence of ill-fitting premanufactured acoustical wall panels and fabric.  The system allows clients full flexibility where they can choose any configuration of panel size or thickness and have endless fabric options instead of being limited to a handful of options when ordering premanufactured acoustic panelling.  The options really are endless!

Our team custom fits all Snap-Tex systems on site, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish to every space.  It can be made to any size wall panel or type, fits to most surfaces and even goes around corners.  The Snap-Tex system is also fully removable which means fabric can be updated without having to replace a whole wall or ceiling panel to maintain acoustical integrity.

This is a quality product that is made to stand the test of time and allows a ‘wow’ factor to be achieved in those spaces where a special atmosphere is needed.

The Snap-Tex Design

The Snap-Tex track is secured around the perimeter of each panel section and can be applied to either walls or ceilings.   The design holds fabric firmly in place for a smooth and flawless finish, eliminating sagging or gaps.  The image below shows how a Snap-Tex hinge works.

Using this design, fabric is completely removeable for repair, cleaning and replacement, without the need to replace whole wall panels.  Fabric can also easily be re-stretched if it starts to age or sag in places.

There are endless options for the Snap-Tex system.  It comes in a wide range of different track depths and styles to fit any type or thickness of substrate according to your requirements for acoustic performance.


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Why Use Snap-Tex?

Snap-Tex is the original, quality product that was patented and is manufactured in the United States.

The advantages of using the Snap-Tex system over other acoustical solutions include:

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  • You have endless options on how to finish a room that requires a special touch, to add luxury and absorb sound to achieve a professional atmosphere.
  • Snap-Tex is a one-piece track system offering more choices of profile designs and depth.
  • The systems are custom fit on-site, eliminating the occurrence of ill-fitting premanufactured wall panels.
  • It is the original product of its type, with quality far above the other competing products.
  • It is completely replaceable and damage resistant.
  • No sagging or gaps on finished panels. If the fabric should start to sag, the fabric can easily be re-stretched without a whole panel needing to be replaced.
  • It fits to any panel size on walls, ceilings and other interior surfaces.